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We Are Here For You And Your Car Needs, Despite the Challenges Of COVID-19!

We understand that the situation surrounding COVID-19 has brought many challenges and much uncertainty. We are proud to offer dependability in the current state of chaos. Here at Joe's Refinishes, we are committed to repairing your vehicle according to industry standards while providing pristine craftsmanship in a timely manner. We have listed a few ways in which we deliver on our promise both through our customer service and our collision repair and car restoration processes.

The Choice Is All Yours, It's The Law

It is important that all vehicle owners are informed that according to the law in Arizona, the vehicle owner has the right to choose any repair facility for the repair of that vehicle. The vehicle owner has the right to choose any glass or repair facility unless otherwise prescribed by contract. An insurer that provides the vehicle owner with a recommendation or information about a repair or glass facility is required to inform him of his right to choose at that time.

Waiving Deductibles

Joe's Refinishes Auto Body Shop is truly here to help, our top priority is to get each customer get back into a safe and functional vehicle. We work with all insurance companies and waive deductibles up to $1000.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Throughout the collision repair and restoration processes Joe's Refinishes uses high quality paint, parts and materials. As a certified PPG auto body shop, we offer a lifetime warranty on all repair and restoration work.

Transparency & Efficiency

All repair and restoration costs are disclosed up front, no hidden fees. We want our customers to be informed and able to select the repair facility that is most suitable for them. Throughout the repair process if further damage to the vehicle is discovered that was not evident in the preliminary inspection, the costs of the repair may be subject to change. In the event that additional labor, parts or materials may be required to perform the repair work, no repairs shall be performed until after the customer has provided written or verbal consent to move forward with repairs.

As a locally owned and operated auto body shop we are here for you and your car needs despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19. You can count on us!

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